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Want To Know More About BNA?

Keep scrolling to learn some of BNA's history and our mission to help keep Bellevue's community beautiful.

BNA's Story

The Bellevue Neighborhood Association (BNA) is a 501(c)(3) charity run by volunteers—living in and out of Bellevue—working to promote and encourage the preservation of the neighborhoods in the City of Bellevue.


BNA works to prevent community deterioration and contributes to the beautification and maintenance of parks, recreational and other public spaces. BNA’s goal is to promote the City and its historic value through education, advocacy, and committed actions to enhance quality of life and develop a stronger sense of community.

BNA's Mission

BNA's History

The purposes of the Bellevue Neighborhood Association are to promote and encourage the preservation of all neighborhoods of the City of Bellevue, Kentucky and to prevent community deterioration and lessen the burdens of government including, but not limited to, the promotion and facilitation of communications between the residents of Bellevue and all levels of government; promotion and preservation of the historic character and neighborhoods; contributing to their beautification, and maintaining park, recreational and public spaces in the City of Bellevue; and other activities to improve the neighborhoods and community of Bellevue.


Further, any and all such things and acts in and incidental to the conduct of such activities as are useful, necessary, proper and lawful, are declared purposes. BNA is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

BNA is a grass roots movement formed by residents who realized that some of our streets around town and the business districts needed attention. A group of neighbors walked the city on a Saturday morning in early spring of 2005 and noted the areas of the city where we could make improvements and hopefully increase real estate values. BNA was formed in 2005 and became a non-profit organization in 2009. BNA is independent group run entirely by volunteers and is a different organization than Bellevue Alliance and In Vue.

BNA’s very first project entailed landscaping the front of the Bellevue High School Administration offices on Center Street. Members cleaned up the area, purchased and planted new shrubs to improve the heart of our town. From there the Garden and Planters team made sure the various city markers scattered about town had healthy plants surrounding them drawing one’s eye to the signage. When the City purchased large planters for Fairfield Avenue, BNA planted them and continues to cultivate them every season with appropriate foliage. BNA, in partnership with In Vue, purchased and planted the hanging baskets along the business district to enhance our main street. In 2019, BNA purchased the hayracks that hang on the light poles on Fairfield Avenue and the baskets that hang on the bridges over the train tracks.

In years past, and hopefully in the future, BNA planted trees on various streets around town and participated in “Arbor Day” to make our streets as pleasant as they can be. Along with City staff, BNA volunteer members work in our various city parks to make them pleasing and welcoming for our neighbors and friends.


In 2007, BNA created an annual program called “Adopt A Block” where BNA members living on the block “adopted” for that year can apply for grants that provide assistance with costs for painting, gutter, window or door repair, chain link fence removal, and many other types of projects to improve a home’s exterior. In 2019, this grant program was changed to be open to members throughout all of Bellevue instead only on one block each year and renamed “Beautify Bellevue.” In recent years, BNA’s total reimbursements to grant recipients have exceeded $3,000 each year.


BNA also has a Decorating team who designs and installs holiday decorations (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.) along Fairfield Avenue and in City parks.


BNA’s main funding comes from an annual fundraiser started in 2012 as “Drink In Vue” and graciously hosted for the first eight years by Phil and Mare Hagner at their beautiful home with an incredible view. This event, after being canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, was moved to the Bellevue Beach Park in 2021 and renamed “Drink With A Vue.” Held in September, this event is a time for neighbors to come together, sample various beers and wines, and bid on auction items while basking in the incredible view that Bellevue offers. BNA is also funded by annual dues from its members and receives financial assistance from the City for the Gardens and Planters team.

Community Garden
Community Service
Community Garden

Take part in helping water the plants that grow throughout the community of Bellevue!

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Community Garden

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